Dale Weldon grew up in the Great Depression and fell in love during high school.  Now the entry of the United States into the Second World War threatens to undo the plans he and Shorty have made for a life together.  While he fights the air war in the skies over Germany, she also strives to win the fight on the home front.  The two are good examples of “America’s Greatest Generation”.

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 Five For Freedom

In the spring of 1941, five young men win the Iowa high school basketball championship.  After the “Day of Infamy” in December, four of them enlist to defend America.  Bruce Hollins, the fifth member of the team, is a cub reporter for the New York Daily News.  He embarks on a quest to locate his friends and document their experiences, not grasping the impact of his own involvement in the world-wide conflagration.  Follow Bruce as he participates in the personal struggles of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines fighting around the globe.

In the summer of 1862 the United States is beginning the second year of The War Between the States.  A young Minnesota man and his best friend join a Union infantry regiment and set out to fight against their Confederate foes in the south.  Follow Isaiah Weldon as he battles the enemy as a part of the Second Minnesota Infantry, discovering destruction, death and love along the way.

Dautin Weldon follows his ancestors in volunteering to defend his country’s liberty as the world slides into The Great War.  As part of an American Army unit specially trained in trench warfare by the French, Dautin is among the first to go “Over There” to take the battle to the Huns.  Along his personal journey through the fighting he meets Esther, an American student working in a French hospital.  War and the Spanish Influenza threaten to separate them…

Michael Eckers
Author | Historian

During a 28 year career in the Postal Service, Michael Eckers heard more than his share of “Going Postal” stories and jokes.  Many of his personal experiences managed to get in the way of his writing a military history novel, creating a need to get them “out of his head and onto paper”.  Losing Your Zip is the resultant short collection of stories well fitted to the genre of Workplace Humor.  Meet some of his favorite customers, co-workers and even a few four footed friends.

A sixteen year old from Wisconsin is given permission to join the Union army because his uncle will go with him.  Henry McCollum will become a part of the famous Iron Brigade, fighting in some of the most intense combat of the American Civil War.  Follow his transition from a boy into manhood at places like Brawner Farm, South Mountain, Antietam and Gettysburg.

When the American Civil War began, a cry arose to preserve the Union.  In rural southern Minnesota an infantry regiment was being raised to crush the southern rebellion.  Dodge County provided a company in the Second Minnesota Infantry that included a slate of students and teachers from a newly opened school.  The Boys of Wasioja is the non-fiction story of Company C of the regiment as they battle a determined enemy and nature herself to achieve victory and the right to return home.