Michael Eckers
Author | Historian

Michael presents one hour programs

on a variety of topics from

American history.  All are given

with respect and impartiality.  Diligent research

ensures accurate historicity of material.

Other periods covered include the 

American Civil War, Korea and Vietnam;

non-military subjects such as World Fairs

hosted in the US and the Lewis & Clark

​Expedition are also available.

If you prefer a subject not listed below;

speak with me...

World War II

Prelude to War

The Home Front -- In the USA

The Mighty Eighth Air Force

The Marines in the Pacific

The Battle for the Atlantic

Battles for North Africa

The Italian Campaign

D-Day Landings at Normandy

The European Theater

The Pacific Theater

War Correspondents

Food as a Weapon

Icons of the Second World War

Coming Home

World War I

The Great War

Life in the Trenches

Battlefield Medicine


League of Nations

Food and the War


The Korean War

The American Civil War

​(10+ Subjects)

War of 1812 -- Put In Bay

World Fairs Hosted in the US

The Corps of Discovery

(Lewis & Clark)

Abraham Lincoln

Theodore Roosevelt

George Washington

The Transcontinental Railroad